A family of jewellers for generations.


The family started in 1970 with three Boutiques located in Cortina d’Ampezzo, then one in Sanremo in front of the Casino. The Stardust Monte-Carlo Boutique in Monaco was established in the early 2000s.

Precious and particular stones often require a dedicated design that fulfils the client's dreams and expectations.


In the early '90s the family opens in Sanremo and prposes its own style. Susanna, the founder and creative director, started designing and crafting her own jewekkery pieces with her first signature line of Rock Crystals, produced in the Stardust Atelier located in Monaco.

New collaborations begin within the fashion world, creating delicate diamonds motifs on the Myla's lingerie, as well as later continuing with other fashion brands.

For Billionaire the brand creates a collection of jewellery and men's accessory which further became a new men's line made of carbon including razors and other bespoke men's fundamentals.



he Montecarlo Boutique was established in 2000. The family always loved to have their boutiques located in the most prestigious Hotels with seasonal boutiques located in Sardinia inside Hotel Cervo, Hotel Pitrizza, the Luxury Tales, the Olbia Private Airport and Forte village until 2015.

In the moutains at the prestigious Hotel Cristallo in Cortina and in Merano at the Espace Chenot Palace Hotel until 2019. In Courchevel, in Kitzbühel, S. Cassiano at La Rosa Alpina. Today at Le Refuge de la Traye.

2007 - 2008

In 2007-2008 Stardust licensed the first line of jewellery buttons during the Pitti uomo.


With the Material Science Department of the Milan University the brand creates jewels with different materials other than gold.


n Montecarlo opens a new processing Atelier for producing and freely experimenting new materials and techniques.

The Atelier was necessary for studies and for the research of new collections. One of the most relevant experiments was done with Titanium.


Stardust conceptualised Titanium as a lighter material to make art jewels with. Much lighter than gold, Titanium allows to create greater volume jewels that in gold result difficult to wear due to their high weight difference. In 2016 the first prototypes were ready and later this collection will be finished and ready to grace the Maison's clients.

Today in the family —seven people- they all collaborate with each other, taking care of different fields: the gems acquisition, the design and the production, the Atelier, the Boutique, the communication aspect, and last but not the least, the research and the acquisition of vintage jewels.