Marry me

A lovely Collection made for the chosen one. From engagement rings to iconic symbols of love. Are you ready to fall for it?


A Maison Signature Collection characterised by a golden thread that runs to Infinity... Covering a flexible Titanium core. For the bracelet and rings of this collection characterised by a minimal style, we use 0.10 ct Diamonds each FVVS or perfect square cut Rubies.

La Alumbrada

A Collection inspired to the traditional Mexican holiday: Dia de Muertos, characterised by the iconic Mexican symbols calacas (skeletons) and calaveras (skulls). On November 2nd, according to this Mexican holiday tradition, thousand of candles and flowers are put n the graves, this is called La Alumbrada.

Australian Opals

From the depths of the Australian desert, a mysterious oasis of colours and light is born: the Opal. Considered by the Greeks a magical stone capable of revealing the future, it was also considered by the Romans a powerful talisman of fortune.


Is a Collection inspired to the light (NOOR) where strings of diamonds dance on pure natural crystals creating delicate harmonies. Appreciated since Ancient Egypt for its beneficial qualities, known for centuries for divination rites in the form of a sphere, this magnificent stone which amplifies the energy is still used today for its therapeutic properties. Inside the pieces, all unique because they are forged by hand, the unmistakable Stardust signature, a tribute to the Montecarlo icon: the Casino!

Secret of the sea

Pearls, a gift from the sea, have always been the symbol of feminine elegance. They possess the virtues of the moon and embody perfect beauty. Powerful talisman were used by oriental women to attract love, luck and prosperity.

Siren treasures

The legend tells that the Aquamarine was the sacred stone to Neptune and was kept in the caskets of the sirens. Bringer of balance and clarity, it was worn as an amulet and considered the most propitious gift for the bride and groom. The shades of our collections evoke the skies and crystalline waters of the oceans.


Designed, created and tested by the Maison, the Titanium collection uses this support together with gold and precious stones to create a fascinating, colourful and light line. Titanium, still experimental in jewellery, is incredibly light, therefore it allows the creation of large volumes and can take on the same colors as precious stones, creating otherwise impossible chromatic effects.