Collection La vie en Rose

In 1800, the Conch Pearl was known as “the pearl of the queen”.

During the 19th century they adorned the collections of the most important European and American families.

The Conche Pearls are nowadays extremely rare to find.

Conch pearls necklace

Delicate necklace with 16ct Conch natural Pearl. The actress Aghata Gotova at the Monaco TV Festival.

Spider necklace

A rare example of spherical Conch Pearl: a pink spider catching a fly on a diamond net.

Conch Pearl Bracelet

An extremely delicate bracelet featuring two natural Conch Pearls enlighten by a meticulously set pavé of exceptional diamonds.

Heart in the cage

Natural Conch Pearl pendant 34ct on a diamonds cage.

Marquise earrings

Day and night Conch Pearl earrings. Delicate flower with marquise cut diamonds and 7ct ca. Conch Pearl pendant.