Catch Me if You Can

The Catch Me if You Can Collection pursues the charming worldliness of Monte-carlo, heart of the Maison. The Collection is inspired by the iconic ’60s and reinterpreted by the creative hand of Susanna, the Maison founder.
Sun Drop

Fancy Yellow Diamond necklace, 5.16 ct Fancy Yellow Diamond and 17.50 ct white diamonds.

Rising Suns

Fancy Yellow Diamond earrings, 5.04 ct fancy diamond and white diamonds 7.90 ct.


Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring, center piece 12.55 ct and white diamonds 3.40 ct.

Knitted Gold

Yellow and white gold knitted cocktail clutch, little inside mirror and 0.50 ct diamonds.


Its design is inspired by Dali’s famous watches work-of-art. Diamond and Sapphire cobblestones: Diamonds 10.01 ct; small Sapphires 6.55 ct; and natural central Star Sapphire 14 ct.

Moon Wedges

16 ct white Diamonds marquise cut necklace.


1.80 ct white Diamond earrings.


A 17.72 ct white Diamond necklace inspired by Susanna’s childhood Kaiserschmarren dessert.

Soft Ice

This ring is inspired by the delicious ‘60s soft ice cream shapes. White and Cognac 11 ct cobblestone Diamonds.

Light Rays

Brilliant, baguette cut, 12.90 ct white Diamond earrings.


Sapphire and Diamond ring 3.24 ct white Diamonds and 10 ct central Sapphire stone, cabochon cut.

Magic Mirror

12.46 ct white Diamond necklace.


Sapphire ring, 1.95 ct white Diamonds and 1.50 Sapphires.

Fall Sky

4.65 ct Central White Diamond, small diamonds 0.90 ct and 27.78 ct sapphire earrings.

Light Points

42 ct White diamonds necklace.

Fall Lake

Sapphire and diamonds ring. 39 ct center sapphire, 15 ct small sapphires and 1.80 ct white diamonds.

Deep Blue

Sapphire and diamonds earrings, 17.12 ct sapphire and 7.12 ct marquise cut white diamonds.

Light Riviera

8 ct center white diamonds and 46.40 ct white diamonds.

Deep Blue

16.10 ct sapphire and e 3.40 ct white diamond ring.

Cherry Blossom

Faidee Burma Collection necklace, unheated ruby 8.59 ct and white diamonds 34.84 ct.

Power Bracelet

Faidee Burma Collection bracelet, center ruby piece 3.25 ct, rubies 11.20 ct and cobblestone diamonds 4.71 ct.

Wine Drop

Faidee Burma Collection ring, unheated Ruby 4.03 ct and 8.5 ct diamonds.

Fall Grapes

Faidee Burma Collection earrings, unheated rubies 14.29 ct and white diamonds 9.73 ct.

Magic Cubes

Faidee Burma Collection Collier, unheated ruby 86.62 ct and 32.78 ct white diamonds.

Queen of Hearts

Center Unheated ruby piece 5.08 ct and 4.97 ct white diamonds.


Faidee Burma Collection necklace, 73.28 ct Burma rubies and 62.96 ct white diamonds.

Princess Tennis

Princess cut diamonds’ tennis bracelet 15.30 ct.

Happy Butterflies

Faidee Burma Collection ring, unheated ruby 10.85 ct and 8.22 ct white diamonds.


Faidee Burma Collection bracelet, 20.92 ct unheated rubies and 27.43 ct white diamonds oval and baguette cut.

Fall Fireworks

Faidee Burma Collection ring, Center Burma Ruby piece 5.02 ct and 3.73 ct white diamonds.