Kashmir Sapphires

These captivating gemstones, Kashmir Sapphires, have an intense blue range color that evokes the natural splendour of the deep, velvety blue of the ocean.
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Burma Rubies

Rubies from Burma have an intense, vivid ‘red pigeon’s blood’ color with natural resplendent fluorescence, this is why they are considered the world’s most extraordinary rubies.

Fancy Diamonds

Incredibly precious, Fancy colored Diamonds are rare to find. They capture the most fascinating colors, bringing to life the magic of Nature.

Pink diamonds

Symbols of passion and strength, these beautiful Pink Diamonds are among the rarest gems in the world.

Blue diamonds

Striking and unforgettable, Blue Diamonds display hypnotic undertones that only the sea can compete with.

Yellow diamonds

Yellow Diamonds are special stones radiating heat and solar energy.

Burma Rubies Sourcing with Faidee

At Faidee, we believe that every Ruby has a special history and an individuality of its own.

From the mining to the manufacturing, the entire Faidee process is vertically integrated, where each individual rough is rigorously cut with utmost perfection, allowing every gemstone to reach its own fullest potential.

Our master artisans expertly cut and polish Rubies to perfection to bring out their remarkable beauty and capture the stone’s unique personality.

“Turning rough stones into the finest Rubies is an art we have the utmost respect for.”

What follows is a graphic that show the growth index of the Burmese ruby compared with the growth index of the diamond and with the growth index of the Down Jones Industrial Average.


The increase in the index price of rubies has been outpacing that of the Dow Jones for the better part of the last decade.


In fact, they also have a greater rate of increase in their price index than all other gemstones aggregately. In recent years, it is the Burmese ruby, so rare and sought after, that has created such fervency in auction salesrooms, headlining Christie’s and Sotheby’s sales.


Beautiful color, exceptional brilliancy and exceeding rarity are the trademarks of Burmese rubies, making them the best investment value for the future.