The art of Fine Jewellery

Our expertise

Innovation is central to the creative approach of the Maison Stardust Monte-Carlo, whether in terms of materials or crafting techniques, innovation always expresses its true self through the Maison’s creations.

Our Artistic Director portrays her vision to each piece of the collection, down to the finest detail.

When the design of the jewelry piece is finalized, our craftsmen will handcraft the pieces with carefully selected techniques.

The jewelers create a 3D wax model that reflects the original final design. The model is carved, pierced and crafted by hand down to the smallest detail, then cast in the furnace. To learn more, please browse the Maison’s Fine Jewelry collections

Colored Gemstones

Stardust Monte-Carlo presents the world’s most marvelous natural rare gemstones like Burma Rubies, Kashmir Sapphires and Fancy Diamonds.

“We carefully check every stone to make sure it meets our size, clarity, carat weight and color standards.”

Raw Material Traceability

By adopting a responsible sourcing of high quality raw materials, we respect our natural world and create exceptional jewelry pieces.